Healthy Sleep Habits: How Many Hours Does Your Child Need?

​From infants and toddlers to school-aged kids and teens, parents want to know how many hours of sleep are recommended. While it’s true that sleep needs vary from one person to another, there are some very reasonable, science-based guidelines to help you determine whether your child is getting the sleep he or she needs to […]

FAQ: Fluoride and Children

Fluoride from drinking water and other sources such as toothpaste can strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent tooth decay. Below is a list of questions that parents frequently ask about fluoride and how it can help their children. Q: Why do children need fluoride? A: Fluoride is an important mineral for all children. Bacteria in the mouth combine with […]

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Children & Teens

​The start of the new year is a great time to help your children focus on forming good habits.  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provides the following list of ideas for you to talk to your children about trying, depending on their age. ​ Preschoolers I will try hard to clean up​ my toys by putting them where they belong.  I […]

Holiday Food Safety Tips

​Whether it is holiday cookies, perogies, roast goose, latke or tamales, foods are an important ingredient of holiday celebrations. Teaching children to cook your family’s recipes can impart ethnic identity and culture, and offers a sense of accomplishment for young chefs.  The American Academy of Pediatrics offers some tips to keep holiday feasting fun and healthy: […]

Babysitting Reminders

The following list of information should always be left with a babysitter:

Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Keep your family safe around lawn mowers by following these tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

NCQA Recognition for Kidz World Pediatrics

Kidz World Pediatrics has been recognized by the NCQA as a PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Home)

Poison Prevention Tips

Each year, approximately 3 million people – many under age 5 – swallow or have contact with a poisonous substance.

What’s the Latest with the Flu?

Flu activity is elevated in the US with increasing illness anticipated during the coming weeks. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Kids’ Allergies Tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics

The following tips are from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).